Total Idiot Plays Russian Roulette With A Roman Candle, Definitely Loses When It Explodes In His Face

by 3 years ago

It’s the videos like these that really make me question the future of humanity. Like, how and why would somebody be doing this, knowing full-well the consequences of their, stupid, stupid actions? Makes no sense. There’s nothing to gain here. This is the most lose/lose situation you can ever lose. Just getting a Roman Candle to the face on your own accord. Idiots, man.

If you want to get internet famous, do it a different way. Don’t explode fireworks in your face. On purpose. And if you think that’s the only way you’ll ever go viral, take a BIGGGGG step back and ask what you’re doing with your life. You’re better than this, humanity.

Fat, drunk, and stupid (with a firework blowing up in your face) is no way to go through life, son.

For what it’s worth though, VERY STRONG Darwin Award contender, since that counts for anything.

P.s.: Do you know how upsetting this video must be to Jason Pierre-Paul?

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