Total Idiot Plays Russian Roulette With A Roman Candle, Definitely Loses When It Explodes In His Face

It’s the videos like these that really make me question the future of humanity. Like, how and why would somebody be doing this, knowing full-well the consequences of their, stupid, stupid actions? Makes no sense. There’s nothing to gain here. This is the most lose/lose situation you can ever lose. Just getting a Roman Candle to the face on your own accord. Idiots, man.

If you want to get internet famous, do it a different way. Don’t explode fireworks in your face. On purpose. And if you think that’s the only way you’ll ever go viral, take a BIGGGGG step back and ask what you’re doing with your life. You’re better than this, humanity.

Fat, drunk, and stupid (with a firework blowing up in your face) is no way to go through life, son.

For what it’s worth though, VERY STRONG Darwin Award contender, since that counts for anything.

P.s.: Do you know how upsetting this video must be to Jason Pierre-Paul?