Russian Game Show Goes Full ‘Hunger Games’ And ‘Allows’ Contestants To Rape And Murder Each Other For Cash Prize

What’s America’s craziest game show? The Amazing Race? Survivor? Russia laughs at those game shows because they are rolling out a reality television show that encourages rape and murder.

The TV show is called Game2: Winter and it will pit 30 male and female contestants in -40° weather in a remote forest in Siberia for nine months. The contestants will not only have to fight other players, but they’ll have to battle extreme elements as well as bears and wolves. There apparently is only one rule of engagement in this survival test: there are no rules.

“Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.”

The official ad for the show says, “Each contestant gives consent that they could be maimed, even killed.”

Before the contestants go all Katniss Everdeen and start honing their archery skills, there is still laws in the Russian Federation, so you might want to not commit murder with cameras on you at all times.

There will not be a camera crew filming the show, instead, the area will be fitted with 2,000 cameras and each participant will carry a portable camera. And if you get severely injured while on the show, better hope you don’t bleed out too fast because help in the way of a helicopter is an hour and a half away.

“Imagine: a forest. The contestants arrive there on July 1 after a short training period. Each will have three-four months before first cold snaps of winter to construct a shelter,” said Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, creator and financer of the show. “They can live separately or join up and form teams. You should also keep in mind that this will be a real forest, with dangerous wildlife and harmful insects.”

Contestants will be allowed to carry knives and will receive survival training from Russia’s elite former GRU Spetznaz operatives before they embark on their crazy adventure. Each week participants may request an item from viewers who will be able to donate money for it via the project’s website.

There is one American competing in the series which will air in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

The winner receives a $1.6M prize.

You’d have to be a complete halfwit to commit any crime, let alone rape and murder, while you are knowingly under surveillance 24/7. But, never underestimate the idiocy and greed of human beings.