Hot 20-Year-Old Russian That Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity Online To Help Pay For School Is Going To Get PAID

Russian girls auctioning off their virginities has seen a massive spike in worldwide coverage over the past week. Just a few days ago I covered the story of a former Russian beauty queen who had escaped to Dubai where she became an escort and was auctioning off her virginity, and now there’s this second story of a 20-year-old Russian girl and her friend both auctioning off their V-Cards to raise money which will allow them to study abroad.

The girl in question, 20-year-old Ariana, hopes to raise enough money to study abroad in the field of medicine and the opening bids on her virginity auction are a whopping £130,500, or $169,458. Nearly $170,000 is A LOT to pay for sex but I think it’s important to consider how many rich people there are in the world who literally have too much money to spend in one lifetime, and instead of buying material objects they spend their money on experiences.

Unfortunately, I don’t have rights to the photos from CEN that Metro used in their article so you can see them embedded in the tweets below.

Metro UK reports:

‘I want to move to another country for my studies in medicine. The university will be very expensive, the rent will also be high.
According to Ariana, her parents are not aware of how she is currently hoping to raise the money to start her new life abroad but she has no problem with explaining it to them when they eventually do discover what’s going on online.
And Ariana is not facing the auction alone. Her best friend Lolita is also auctioning her virginity, with bids starting at £130,500.
Despite having her friend alongside her, Ariana describes herself as an ‘independent woman’ and feels that selling her virginity is her own choice.
She feels she has waited so long to give her virginity to the right person, but it has never worked out.
‘Why should I wait any longer?’ she said.
‘Why should I lose my virginity to someone who could then break my heart later?’

I think it’s refreshing to see a virgin that’s so pragmatic about virginity. She recognizes that prior to having sex people make it out to be this enormous, life-changing activity, and it is, but it’s also one of the most casual and carnal of all human activities, something 99.9999% of humans have engaged in since the dawn of Man. It’s part of life, and if she wants to turn that into a business transaction then more power to her.

For more on this story you can click on over to the Metro UK’s report!…

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