This Former Russian Beauty Queen Allegedly Flew To Dubai To Sell Her Virginity For $13,000

A former Russian beauty pageant queen and runner-up in June’s Miss Moscow competition has supposedly flown to Dubai to sell her virginity for a whopping $13,000 (£10,000), and I can’t help but wonder why she isn’t selling that for like $50K? The mother of 17-year-old Anna Feschenko has been trying to track her daughter down after learning that she allegedly flew to Dubai not as part of a runner-up prize in the Miss Moscow competition but instead she supposedly flew there to join her friends and work as an escort.

The girl was outed when the friend she was traveling with realized what she’d gone there to do, to essentially auction her v-card off to the highest bidder.

TheDailyMail reports:

Anna Feschenko, 17, a model who was runner-up in the Miss Moscow contest in June, travelled to the United Arab Emirates after claiming its was a prize from the pageant.
But her friends denied it was a prize and said her true intention was to join an escort service which would offer her as a virgin to Arab clients.
She hoped to earn money to pay for her university education in Moscow.
Her traveling companion, named as Ekaterina K, 19, fled when she realized Miss Feschenko’s alleged intention to work as an escort in Dubai.
She said: ‘I traveled there because Anna invited me and said that it was a prize paid for by the Miss Moscow contest.
The website of the beauty pageant – at which she was crowned ‘Vice Miss Moscow’ as runner-up – said she is a long distance runner who loves classical music, and plays the violin.
She was actively involved in charity work and ‘dreams of traveling around the world.’
Now police in Moscow are checking websites and social networks which offer girls the opportunity to ‘sell’ their virginity, reported
It is believed to be via such a site that Miss Feschenko found her sponsor before going to Dubai.

As terribly, awfully tragic as this seems to be I’m kind of impressed that this 17-year-old girl managed to trick everyone in her life into thinking that she’d won a trip to Dubai from a beauty pageant, a beauty pageant her friends and family all attended, only to pull the curtains back and tell everyone she now a high-priced prostitute. That’s some truly sociopathic shit right there, a level of deceit I could only expect to see from ze Russians.

…For more on this developing story you can head over to The Daily Mail to see what Anna Feschenko’s parents are doing to try and bring their daughter home to Russia…

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