People Are PISSED At This Safe Sex Campaign Where A Guy In A Giant Penis Costume Creeps Up On People And Sprays Them

Some people just can’t take a joke, and by “some people” I mean “everyone who’s gotten their panties in a knot up their ass when it comes to this safe sex campaign.” Yeah the video is stupid and it’s literally just a dude in a giant penis costume running around spraying people with confetti — but you laughed, admit it. And really, isn’t that the whole point?

…besides promoting safe sex, of course.

According to Mirror, 19-year-old student Philip van Eck was hired by a sex education charity out of Norway to promote the use of condoms via dressing up like a giant penis and spraying people with yellow confetti. As I’m sure you can guess, old people were total buzzkills about it.

People over 30 were offended by the outrageous campaign, despite younger consumers finding it amusing.

Philip, who got the job because he is 6ft 4in and fitted the suit perfectly said: “I thought it was hilarious. If I can do a good thing for others, just by being a d***, there is nothing better.

“The filming was not unproblematic, as passers-by wanted selfies with the giant penis.

“Suddenly, lots of people wanted to touch the penis and take pictures with the penis. I almost felt harassed.”

Despite people over 30 being fuddyduds, Pernille Berg of the advertising agency behind the stunt claims that the campaign’s humor was well-received for the most part. So in other words, people who were 29 and under tee-hee-hee’d because we’re all 12 at heart and think dicks are funny, myself included.

[H/T Mirror]