New Study Finds Men’s Primary Motivation Regarding Condom Use Is Not STI Risk, But Whether She’s A Babe



While I would already never go to bat for men’s general intelligence when it comes to anything regarding sex and physical gratification, I’m still amazed by just how willingly dumb we are all the damn time.

Me included.

Case in point, a new study published in BMJ Open by researchers in Britain found that the primary motivation for men when it comes to wearing a condom is whether the girl they are with is hot.

Not whether she might have an STD.

Like, if she’s hot, men don’t want to wear a condom, regardless of what risk that exposes them to.

Uhhhh. Kay. From Arts Technica:

In a survey of 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 19 and 61 published in BMJ Open, researchers found that men’s intentions to use a condom during casual sex varied based on the perceived attractiveness of their potential partner. Specifically, the more attractive a woman seemed to each participant, the lower their intention to use a condom during sex—even if the woman seemed to have a relatively higher risk of having a sexually transmitted infection.

The higher a woman’s attractiveness rating, the more men were interested in having sex with her and the less interested they were in using a condom.

Nevertheless, attractiveness was key to condom use. “Men who are more attracted to ‘riskier’ women are just as disinclined to wear a condom when they have sex with these women as men who are more attracted to ‘safer’ women,” the researchers found.

How we ever managed to wrest control of society away from women defies every kind of logic out there.

Because we. r. dum.

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