Saudi Prince Arrested Smuggling Two Tons Of Drugs Likely Intended For Terrorists, So That’s A Win

First thing’s first, I would hate my life if I was the court reporter charged with typing this Saudi prince’s name over and over again: Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud. Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

Secondly, good thing this dude was just arrested in Lebanon, because it seems the shit-ton of drugs he was smuggling probably weren’t destined for anything good in nature. reports:

Lebanese security forces are interrogating a Saudi prince on charges of carrying drugs on his private plane after they allegedly retrieved 2 tons of narcotics from the aircraft, local media reported.

Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was detained on Monday in Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport. The prince was about to conduct a flight on his private plane to Saudi Arabia.

Lebanese TV station Al Mayadeen also said that 40 packages of drugs, weighing 2 tons in total, were confiscated. The prince was arrested and taken in for questioning along with four other people.

According to Press TV they were charged with attempting to smuggle pills of captagon, an amphetamine allegedly widely used among fighters in the Middle East.

Another source indicates the prince and his cohorts brazenly attempted to stash the illicit pills right in their eight suitcases, which totally arose the suspicions of airport officials. Like, “Oh yeah, here’s my carry-on luggage, all 4,000 pounds of it…for my 2 and a half hour flight.” Idiots.

It’s safe to say the Saudi prince will get what’s coming to him for thinking he could sneak these under the nose of Lebanese airport officials. Haven’t you ever seen Homeland, dude!? They don’t take this terrorist shit lightly in Beirut.

And there’s no question in my mind where these drugs were headed. A little research yielded that captagon (fenethylline) is pretty much the unanimous amphetamine choice of ISIS and other Middle Eastern militant soldiers, so it’s pretty likely these weren’t going to end up being resold outside the Magic Carpet Club in Riyadh pre-rave.

Way to go, Lebanese customs. Fuck terrorism.