11-Year-Old Schoolboy Banned From World Book Day Event For Dressing Like S&M-Loving Christian Grey

It turns out that when you dress your 11-year-old boy as the Fifty Shades of Grey character who lives for bondage sex people lose their goddamn minds.

Apparently there’s this thing called “World Book Day” where people celebrate their favorite books and participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite characters.

Liam Scholes, 11, went to Sale High School in England as Christian Grey from the very explicit and very sexual Fifty Shades of Grey novel by E.L. James. He of course wore a grey suit which was accessorized with zip ties and an eye mask (Coincidentally that is how I dress for work every day, zip ties and all).

The school ruled that the costume was inappropriate and excluded Liam from photographs.

However young Liam’s mother Nicola Scholes argues that the outfit was actually more appropriate than some of the costumes worn by others, “It’s more offensive that children were dressed as American Sniper and James Bond, carrying guns.” The mother added, “One of the teachers went dressed as Dexter and I don’t see why sex is seen as more offensive than murder.” I can’t wait to see his mom dress him up as Caligula for Halloween and go door-to-door with his sister.

Touché. But cable ties? Really? What you didn’t have a ball gag and dog collar to have your 11-year-old to parade around with?

She went on to say that secondary school children “all talk about sex” and Liam’s school friends all knew who he had dressed up as.

The school was unavailable for comment.

You just couldn’t dress as Harry Potter like the rest of the British kids could you?