Science Educates You On The Female Orgasm Because Let’s Be Honest You Really Have No Idea

The whimsical enigma that is the female orgasm. Men think they know exactly how to give that special lady a screaming “O.” However science says just shoving your hog in her love cave three times, then rolling over and passing out is not actually the most proficient method in making a woman climax. Shocking I know.

The male orgasm is so cut-and-dry. A guy gets a boner. A couple swift pumps or shakes. And PRESTO! Splooge-a-palooza. Good night. The female orgasm is an extremely more confounding puzzle.

The good folks at Wired made a video that takes a look at the female orgasm (It’s on YouTube, so don’t go running to get your Lubriderm and tissues).

There’s definitely some interesting sex facts in this informational vid; like did you know that the clit had 8,000 nerve endings and that’s why 70 percent of women require direct clitoral simulation to get off? And 20 percent of women climax just from kissing or PERFORMING oral sex on their partner? See ladies, giving does make you feel good.

This following statistic is sure to be of note for you gentlemen, so I’ll make it easy for you to copy it and paste in a text to your girlfriend.

94 percent of women who had anal sex said they were able to climax.

Bad news guys, girls don’t cum from vag penetration only, it arrives from a trifecta of tingles from the clitoris, vagina and uterus all working together. So to pleasure her you’re going to have to be creative and not so selfish.

So watch the educational video, get some knowledge, and strive to give your lucky lady a mind-melting, bedroom-shaking orgasm that will have your neighbors call the cops because it sounds like someone is performing an excruciating exorcism in your apartment.

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