Dropping Science Bombs On Your Head: Why Planes Can Fly In Hurricanes But Not In Thunderstorms

Every so often here on BroBible we like to hit you with some science, and today is one of those days. Yesterday we say weatherman Jim Cantore have an absolute snowgasm over ‘thunder snow‘, and today The Weather Channel dropped this ridiculously over-the-top video with graphics on how a plane can fly into a hurricane but not a thunderstorm. Long story short: wind patterns.

But just because I’ve given you the gist of it, doesn’t mean you can skip over this glorious video:

It’s pretty nice to see that the graphics team from ‘Sharknado’ has been hired by The Weather Channel, no?



It’s all pretty straight forward: the wind patterns of hurricanes are predictable, and flow with the direction of aviation….and with thunderstorms the wind flows up/down, creating unstable flight patterns.

Anyways, I first discovered this Weather Channel video over on Reddit, and I’m going to be honest with you: as a native Floridian I actually had no idea that you could fly in hurricanes. Every time a hurricane hits Florida flights are canceled, and we Floridians prefer to drive everywhere (no matter how fucking far it is), so I’ve never had to fly in a hurricane myself. So I suppose this is one of those ‘you learn something new…’ things.

But I went deeper down the rabbit hole and found this video of what it’s like to fly inside of an actual hurricane, and it’s batshit crazy: