Science Says It’s Perfectly Fine For Guys To Check Out Other Women Than Their Girlfriend Or Wife

Do you have a penis and love your girlfriend or wife, but have a powerful force driving your eyes to check out another woman’s intoxicating heinie? Well it’s not your fault says science.

You are cursed with an overwhelming built-in attraction to the female body that overrides all logical sense for you to only have eyes for your lovely girlfriend or wife. The Prager University sited The Daily Mail’s article that listed the top ten problems experienced by couples on vacation together. The numeral uno reason for conflict on vaca was that the man was ogling other women in bikinis on the beach.

In the video they explain how sexual images have intense power over males, but don’t have much influence over females. “It takes massive willpower in fact for a heterosexual man not to look at bikini-clad women,” the gentleman states in the video. “And few men — even the nicest, finest, and most monogamously faithful and loving — have such willpower.”

The problem is that women feel threatened by other women and want to protect their property, and if her boyfriend or husband checks out another female it makes her feel less attractive. This gives women the impression that her man is dissatisfied with her and is actively looking to replace her.

Hogwash says the video. He may find the bikini-clad woman with an ass as tight as a snare drum and round, perky tatas on the beach to be a complete 10, but if he is attracted to you then it doesn’t matter (Plus ladies is your man, who can barely groom himself, really going to pick up a super hot 10?).

The video also claims that within seconds of seeing a hot chick that he complete forgets about her and has no memory of any of these women. Out of sight, out of mind (Unless the guy makes a mental note for future FAP material).

So ladies, don’t smack your man when he admires another female, be confident in your appearance and say, “She has great tits, doesn’t she?” That will do much more than a nasty kick in the shin.

Now for the bad news, the Prager University is not an accredited academic institution and does not offer certifications or diplomas, so maybe this means absolutely nothing and is just some guy doing God’s work and making excuses for all us perverted, insensitive guys checking out other women.

Or maybe it’s all true.

I prefer the latter.