This May Perk Your Interest, Science Found Everyday Elixir That Halves Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

by 3 years ago

I’m not one of those wet blankets that tries to find reasons why you shouldn’t be dumping alcohol down your gullet by scaring you with alarming facts or statistics. I’m the awful person that encourages and enables someone to drown their sorrows or celebrate life with science studies that say its okay to drink. You’re welcome.

Researchers at the University of Southampton, who certainly know about the body’s ability to handle alcohol far better than you and I, say that they have found the medical band-aid for liver damage caused by alcohol consumption. And the absolute best part is that you probably already consume this magical potion. The wonderful science people say that drinking coffee daily can almost halve your chances of liver damage. Here I was thinking it was going to be some $12.99 bottle of cold pressed aloe, kale, spinach, avocado, spirulina juice. I already drink coffee, this is the best remedy ever ever.