Scientists Just Discovered Something Major About Atoms That Ruins Our Time Travel Hopes And Dreams



Mondays suck, but they’ve always been made slightly easier to deal with because of the possibility that time travel could exist.

Sure, yes, this Monday is brutal, but eventually, in the future, I could travel back in time and make each and every Monday not suck. Including this one.

A comforting thought, no?

Not anymore. Scientists at University of the West of Scotland believe they’ve discovered a new shape for atom’s nuclei that make time travel impossible.

Fuck shit dick.

It’s a pear-shaped nucleus, and the fact that it’s asymmetrical basically means time is linear.

Scientists made the discovery looking at Radium 224, and I think we can all agree in calling that element the most bullshit element there is. From The BBC:

Most of the fundamental theories of physics are based on symmetry. That symmetry dictates, among other things, that the nuclei of atoms can be one of just three shapes: spherical, discus or rugby ball.

But Dr Marcus Scheck at UWS and Professor Peter A Butler of the University of Liverpool have discovered a fourth form of nucleus.

It’s pear-shaped.

That, if you were to slice it in half along the horizontal, would not be symmetrical. And because of that, the atom has to be pointing somewhere. Scientists think that may fuck us when it comes to our attempts to break the spacetime continuum.

Dr Scheck says: “We’ve found these nuclei literally point towards a direction in space. This relates to a direction in time, proving there’s a well-defined direction in time and we will always travel from past to present.”

So time travel would appear to be a non-starter.

Well. Shit dick.

Fucking Mondays.

They will now work with a team at CERN to try and repeat the discovery.

[H/T Science Alert]

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