Scientists Discover Penis-Shaped Creature In Australia And Twitter Has Jokes

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A group of scientists recently returned form a month-long voyage off of Eastern Australia, the largest and deepest habitat on the planet that remains the most unexplored environment on Earth, said Dr. Tim O’Hara, chief scientist of the expedition.

O’Hara claims that understanding this particular habitat will “assist in its conservation and management and help to protect it from the impacts of climate change, pollution and other human activity,” Buzzfeed reports.

But enough with the unimportant stuff.

Among the various foreign creatures the scientists stumbled upon was a species of worm known as the “Peanut Worm,” which looks like something I’d find in your mother’s top drawer, bro.

The creature got its name “Peanut Worm” because when it feels threatened, it “can contract its long head inwards and resemble a peanut.”

In any event, it looks like a dick. And Twitter ran with it.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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