Huge Asshole Savagely Punches Dude In The Face At A Nightclub For Absolutely No Reason, Shattering His Jaw

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What you saw in the video above was an electrician’s jaw getting broken in two places in an English nightclub. The unprovoked attack required a pinning in the victim Shaun Dixon’s jaw that will likely disfigure his face for life.

The perpetrator was 27-year-old Joshua James, who pleaded pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, in direct breach of a previously suspended jail term, according to The Bristol Post. The video shows James eyeing an unsuspecting James up before delivering a completely unwarranted blow to the right side of his face.

Pictured below is Joshua James:

Judge Mark Horton sentenced him to months in prison today, telling him:

“The reason that you are before this court, as you know full well, is for a savage and unprovoked attack on someone else, dancing in a discotheque, in circumstances shown on the CCTV where the victim was completely unaware there was any kind of problem.

“You took the most enormous and serious risk.

“You went out, you drank what must have been to oblivion and decided, on an angry whim, that catastrophic mixture – which is toxic – of drink and irrational anger and you have effected this man for the rest of his life.”

Mr Dixon gave an impact statement charting how he had suffered pain and surgery and had been off work as a result and having to rely on savings.

The defendant’s lawyer claimed that the punch was a one-off attack, and said his client was in a full-time job with a manufacturing firm and had been testing negative for Class A drugs.

Throw this animal in a cage for a couple years and give him something to think about. Signed, The Universe.

[h/t The Bristol Post]

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