Your Friends Can See Every Facebook Photo You’ve Ever Liked, Including Those Drunk Mistakes — Here’s How To Fix It



This is 100% legit, I just looked into it myself and I can see every photo my friends have liked on Facebook. Well, not all of my friends, I can see all of the liked photos of my friends that haven’t locked up their privacy settings yet.

To see these photos all you have to do is go to the Facebook search bar and type in “photos searched by ” and it will show you all of that friend’s pictures, which seems like an egregious invasion of privacy if you ask me. Here’s what it looks like in action:







Seriously, try this with any one of your friends that haven’t locked up their security settings yet and this will work. This is super creepy even by Facebook’s already creepy standards.

There’s really not easy fix here to hide the embarrassing shit you’ve ‘liked’ in the past, but here’s how Metro UK suggests changing your security settings accordingly:

There are limits to it, unless you’ve set your privacy settings to open – ie people will only be able to see photos involving mutual friends, if you’ve set your profile to the ‘Friends’ privacy setting.
But that’s plenty bad enough. To change your privacy settings, go to Activity Log (in the menu which pops up if you tap the three lines in the app), then go back through and remove everything you shouldn’t have Liked in the first place.

Given that most people on Facebook have had accounts for the better part of a decade it seems INSANE to think that the ‘fix’ would be to go back through the activity log and remove all the ‘likes’ we shouldn’t have ‘liked’ in the first place.

Facebook Privacy image courtesy of Gil C /