Girl Gets Her High School Senior Pictures At Taco Bell, Wins The Internet Forever



Senior pictures in high school are such a stupid tradition. You pay a couple hundred dollars to a professional photographer just to have some portraits of what you looked before the Freshman 15 pays its toll on your physical appearance for your grandmother’s fridge. It’s silly and unnecessary, yet millions do it all around the country every summer.

Seventeen-year-old Brittany Nicole Creech of St. Louis, however, had a genius idea for some truly unforgettable senior pics: Take them at Taco Bell, where she chills with her friends on the reg. Go viral. Profit?

The pics came out perfect, including requisite shots of her sipping on Baja Blast. Now I want to see a couple get their engagement pics done at Chipotle. Make it happen, Internet.



[H/T: Buzzfeed]