‘Sexercise’ Calculator Figures Out How Many Calories You Burn When You Bang

Bro just burned 8 calories trying to unhook that bra.

For all the virgins out there in Santa Barbara who are about to get laid, and well, the rest of us who are already having sex on the regular, comes this clever calculator that figures out how many calories you burn while taking a trip to pound town.

Which means, according to this handy chart provided by SuperDrug Online Doctor, who also created the calculator, that if you have sex for 80 minutes you’ll discover that you burn around 280 to 290 calories.

For the rest of us, who think that having sex for 80 minutes is the kind of thing reserved for insane people, you’ll have to do your own calculations using the calculator below.

80 minutes? Who does that?

Here’s some more crazy stats they put together. Consider them #sexgoals.

Calculator via SuperDrug Online Doctor; Sex image by Shutterstock