The 9 Sexiest Drug Smugglers To Ever Do The Perp Walk

Typically the criminal element isn’t all that physically attractive, but in this feature we’ll spotlight some honeys that used their good looks for the bad guys. These female drug smugglers are smoking hot.

9. Martha Heredia

You’d think that Latin American Idol winner Martha Heredia would have enough options in her life to not have to smuggle drugs, but who knows? Has anybody seen Taylor Hicks lately? Heredia, who won the fourth and final season of the show, hasn’t had much in the way of career success since a car accident in 2010 where she killed a pedestrian. In 2013, she decided to finally put the last nail in the coffin of her singing career by flying into New York’s LaGuardia Airport with almost four pounds of heroin stashed in the heels of her shoes.

8. Brandi Brandt

In her prime, Brandi Brandt was a seriously hot piece of female flesh, making the cover of the March 1990 issue of Playboy and briefly being married to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. But after her modeling days ended, she hooked up with a motorcycle stuntman named Randy Setser and masterminded a cocaine smuggling scheme that transported hundreds of pounds of blow from California to Australia. The duo bribed workers at an airline catering company in Sydney to pick up the drugs from the plane and put them in trash cans inside the terminal, but when a dog sniffed out one of the packages the whole plan fell apart and Brandt was extradited to face trial.

7. Lisette Lee

Known as the “Pot Princess of Beverly Hills,” Korean-born Lisette Lee explained her wealth as inheritance from her rich family, who she claimed owned the Samsung corporation. The truth was a little more grimy – along with boyfriend David Garrett, she trucked over 7,000 pounds of marijuana from southern California to Ohio. In June of 2010, after an extended investigation, police stopped Lee and her cohorts on the runway of Port Nuys International Airport in Columbus. In her luggage was suitcases containing a whopping 500 pounds of weed. She claimed to be delivering it to her boyfriend who owned a horse farm, but in court pled guilty to trafficking and got the mandatory 10 year minimum sentence.

6. Chatchaya Cuesta Ramos

Lovely Thai model and singer Chatchaya Cuesta Ramos, known by the moniker “Yuyee,” had quite the excuse when airport security busted her with a chocolate tube full of cocaine coming in on a flight from Bangkok. Ramos claimed that the drugs were exclusively for her personal use, but prosecutors didn’t buy it and sentenced her to a whopping 15 years in jail. A couple extra years got tacked on to her sentence when police raided her house and found her illegal menagerie of exotic animals. She claimed to take care of them before releasing them into the world, but that excuse didn’t work either.

5. Debbie Penz Reyneke

People smuggle cocaine from all kinds of places, but the United Arab Emirates? That seems a little intense. But when South African model Debbie Penz Reyneke flew from there into the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines, her bag was stuffed with almost nineteen pounds of the stuff. When cops examined her travel manifest, they learned that she’d recently come from stops in Argentina and Peru. They put two and two together and arrested her for drug smuggling.

4. Samantha Scarlino

Here’s a legit beauty queen who turned to the dark side for easy money and cheap thrills. Samantha Scarlino was a Miss Italia finalist in 1999 who modeled for a number of companies in her native Puglia. As a world traveler, it was easy for her to explain trips to nations all over the globe – nations in which she would drop off cash and pick up cocaine. When two women were busted in Lima in 2013 trying to move cocaine through the airport, they informed on the rest of the gang, including Scarlino. Italian police busted her in a hotel room in Milan and seized 1,100 pounds of coke.

3. Simone Farrow

We had a Playboy model on here, so why not a Penthouse girl too? Former Pet Simone Farrow also modeled for Ed Hardy and was voted one of FHM’s sexiest women in the world, but magazine readers don’t pay the bills so she started a little side business shipping crystal meth around the world hidden inside various items of merchandise. Farrow flew to Australia when her Los Angeles apartment got raided, but was quickly arrested there. A friend posted her $150,000 bail which Farrow promptly skipped. She was eventually caught at a cheap motel and taken into police custody.

2. Angie Sanselmente Valencia

They say that pretty girls can get away with murder, but they sure can’t get away with running drugs. In 2010, Colombian model Angie Sanselmente Valencia was brought in by police on charges of recruiting other young women to serve as mules, bringing packages of cocaine from South America to Mexico and Europe. After one of the mules was picked up at an airport with a staggering 121 pounds of blow, she quickly flipped and ratted out Angie. The model turned criminal managed to elude an international manhunt for 9 months before being brought in alongside her boyfriend, the alleged ringleader of the operation.

1. Claudia Ochoa Felix

There are a lot of jobs to be done in a major drug organization, but sexy women typically either work as mules or recruiters. Kim Kardashian lookalike Claudia Ochoa Felix, though, isn’t one to go the easy road. The curvy Instagram addict loves to post duckface bikini selfies, but she’s also the alleged head of Los Antrax, the branch of the Sinaloa cartel responsible for contract killings. The group has been tied to multiple massacres and have a trademark of beheading foes with chainsaws. Felix herself has a custom-painted pink AK-47 to mete out vengeance on cartel foes.

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