The List Of Popular Sexual Fantasies From Ashley Madison Hack Reveals A Lot Of Users Want Kinky Sex



Why do people cheat?

Obviously there are plenty of reasons, but based on the list of popular sexual fantasies that has been revealed in the Ashley Madison hack, one of the main reasons is to get hella kinky. I guess that makes sense. Hard to look the mother of your children in the eye and tell her that you want to pee in her butt.

That’s a fetish, right? I’ll just assume that it is and not look it up. Too early in the day to watch someone take a leak into a chick’s asshole.

According to the two lists below, and the photo above, the fantasies that Ashley Madison users are that that far off of what you might see on Pornhub or YouJizz or whatever site Millennials are fucking themselves to these days. The list on the left shows some of the users top fantasies, while the list on the right shows what they are looking for in their fellow adulterers.


Not all of these desires are ultra kinky (like the dullards who yearn for “Conventional Sex” and “Nothing Kinky”), but I think we can all agree that most of them fall under the category of “Shit, I don’t want to ask my girlfriend of several years to try out of fear of what her reaction might be.”

As I sped through reading them, actually, I initially read #19 on the list on right as “Likes Romaine.” Although specific, I could have respected someone wanting that characteristic in a potential side-piece, because I also like my women to like romaine. Only a savage prefers mixed greens. Not the kind of woman you want to cheat on your wife with.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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