Shooter McGavin Rubbing Up On A Chick In A Bikini And Calling It ‘Golf Lessons’ Is Classic Shooter

The great thing about Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore was that he probably wasn’t acting. Christopher McDonald likely woke up, ate a piece of shit for breakfast, and then went to the studio and director Dennis Dugan was probably like ‘just be yourself, pretend the cameras aren’t rolling.” There’s just something about McGavin’s face and general aura that screams, “I haven’t filed my taxes since 2002 and I tried to fuck my son’s girlfriend.”

This video proves just that. McGavin is 61 years old now and instead of taking his grandchildren for a casual round on the links, he’s camping out on the 8th tee box grinding with chicks a third his age. He knew that after the 8th hip swing, the schtick was no longer funny and she began feeling mildly uncomfortable, but he needed to grind just a bit longer to get stiff. I can’t imagine a scenario where Shooter didn’t try to slide into this chick’s DMs after. Like it’s inconceivable to me. Probably setting up a lunch date at Red Lobster as I write this. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

[h/t The Big Lead]