Remember The Little Kid Doing His Homework On The Curb Under A Street Light? He Got Hooked Up

by 4 years ago


A couple months ago, a photo of 9-year-old Daniel Cabrera surfaced online that showed the little bro studying beneath a street light went viral last month. The Internet lost their damn minds over the kid and it triggering an influx of donations for Cabrera and his family.

A local politician set up a scholarship for him and even McDonald’s, the restaurant the kid is set up in front of, announced a they’ve also set up a scholarship for Daniel. The chain also set up a reading program for 400 first graders in Daniel’s neighborhood, and his little brother is one of the students who’ll take part.

The latest scholarship will cover all Daniel’s school supplies, uniforms, and other expenses until he finishes high school. Thanks to the outpouring of support, he’ll have enough to cover all his educational needs until he graduates college. After which, he’ll struggle to find work because don’t we all, and then end up working at that very McDonald’s.

[via Good News Network]