6-Year-Old Bro Gives Up All His Christmas Presents To Buy Gifts For The Homeless–Is Better Than You And I

Per the YouTube description:

My 6 year old son Alex and I were driving in the car when we pass a homeless man sleeping under a bridge. Alex starts asking questions. He’s both curious, and concerned for the man. He wonders how He will stay warm, or eat and drink. He asks me if there is anything than can be done to help him. So at this time I decide I’m going to test my boy, and teach him a valuable lesson. I explain to Alex that if we help, we will not have enough money to buy him Christmas presents. We could only afford to do one or the other. He chose that it would be better to help those I need, rather than get something he wants. We bought jackets, food, and waters and passed them out to the homeless. I guess we both learned something important that day. For him it was the joy of giving. And for me, that there is still hope for humanity.

How can you possibly be this compassionate at six-years-old? It took me 28 years to donate $1 to special needs children with my purchase of a pack of gum at CVS, and this dude is forfeiting the most joyous experience in one’s childhood to pay it forward. Future President of the United States, callin’ it now.

[h/t LADbible]

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