ProTip For The Ladies: Don’t Try To Smuggle A Gun Into Jail In Your Vagina

We’ve seen people charge their iPhones in vaginas. We’ve read about women putting potatoes in their vaginas as contraception. We’ve even heard about women putting Rolexes in their vaginas in an effort to steal them. But this woman, Josephine McAllister, smuggling a gun into a jail inside her vagina? She might be our winner.

McAllister was arrested on December 16 for possession of stolen credit cards, receiving stolen property, larceny and resisting/obstructing an officer when she somehow made it through jail security before she threw the gun away in the trash where it was later found by an inmate, who amazingly told the police instead of using it to bust the hell out of there.

According to the Albuquerque Journal

McAllister told Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies she had the gun on her before she was arrested by APD. She said she had the gun on her waistband, but didn’t tell police about the gun because she didn’t want more charges. She said she put it in the trash as soon as she could.

At least four officers searched her before she was booked, according to the complaint. Deputies believe she was concealing the gun in her genital area, not in her waistband.

“Knowing how in depth the PTC (Prisoner Transport Center) officers search prisoners, there is no way that they could have missed it on her waist band,” a deputy wrote in the complaint.

Her excuse? McAllister said she was high on heroin.

She was later re-booked on one count of taking contraband into a place of imprisonment.