Man Guts Open Gigantic Snake With Machete, What He Finds Inside Horrifies Him

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Above we see a hunter cutting gutting the stomach of an absolutely gigantic snake using his machete, and then we see something unexpected tumble out. Xzibit would be proud.

When that man cut open the belly of the beast I guarantee you the last thing he expected to slither out was another fucking enormous snake. I’m almost certain the bigger snake is a Green Anaconda, native to the Amazon River Basin, so I guess it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see a capybara fall out, or some other large Amazonia rodent. But another snake that’s big enough to eat your dog? That is quite unexpected.

The video above is the shortened version, there’s actually a seven minute version available for you to watch here if you’re still looking to find more snakes falling out of other snakes:

Things that come to mind after watching the video of one anaconda slithering out of the belly of another anaconda:




Brandt Luke Zorn/Wikimedia

And now that we’ve got all the memes out of the way, let’s watch that snake fall out once more in GIF, shall we?



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