Sobbing Girl Turns Into Snoop Dogg With ‘Best Cry Ever’ Voicemail

The Internet has an unhealthy obsessions with crying. This video titled ‘Best Cry Ever’ is up to nearly 49 MILLION views on YouTube. Today, that video might have met its match.

Some time back in 2012, a broken-hearted young lass left a voicemail on her boyfriend’s answering machine. His brother got ahold of that voicemail and created this YouTube video, but thankfully it didn’t stop there. No, someone went one step further and added a lil Snoop to the track along with some animation:

I don’t presume to know anything about their breakup: who was at fault, what led to the couple’s demise, does she really cry like a whale singing or was it all staged? But I do know that this video at least deserves SOME consideration as the best cry ever.

Now, onto much graver and more serious possible consequences: two months ago I was cruising around the city, getting ready for a road trip on down to Florida, and listening to NPR when I came across this segment on Whale Songs. I highly suggest each and every bro give that a listen, because it details how the first recordings of whale songs were found and then how they went on to be as popular as The Beatles on the radio.

But one thing that really stuck out to me from that NPR show was that whale songs can be passed along, across whale species, throughout the ocean’s waters. For instance, an Orca in Alaska could be singing up some diddy when a passing whale on its way to Russia hears it, next thing you know some whales down off Cape Horn (Chile) are singing the same song…but with variations. In the same way that musicians here a song, and tweak/autotune it, so do whales…No, really, they do.

And I’m sitting here listening to this chick crying thinking: some poor child is going to hear this, think ‘that’s how I should be crying’, and next thing you know this is how an entire generation of Selena Gomez fans are crying on YouTube. That is NOT a world I want to live in.

Did I mention that every time a girl cries like this a whale dies on the moon?

‘Best Cry Ever’ For Comparison:


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