Boxing Student Challenges His Elderly Teacher To Bout, Gets Embarrassed, Knocked Out

It’s never wise to tempt your teacher, to poke the master that taught you everything you know.

Chances are that if you’ve ever learned any sort of a martial art, your instructor held back a few lessons. Not necessarily to keep a competitive advantage, but merely because as a teacher it’s often hard to recall everything you know when passing along those lessons.

Here we see Italian Hubris clouding better judgment. When a young, seemingly in-shape pupil challenges his elderly teacher to a bout in the ring things go south for Grasshopper VERY quickly, as the old man hears that bell then gets to beating the shit out of this guy. After a knock down and several brutal shots to the face, the upstart youth is forced to retire…admitting defeat at the hands of an old man:

Could this perhaps be chalked up to ‘old man strength’? One of those freaky forces of nature where old ass men suddenly have the strength of a 21-year-old football player. You know what I’m talking about.

Just look at this absolute shellacking:


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