Dude Who Has Sex With Dolphins Gets His Own Documentary: Meet The Florida Man Who Banged A Blow Hole

Malcolm Brenner is a 63-year-old New Jersey born journalist who became famous after coming out as a ‘zoophile’ in 1971 when he spent a year falling in love and having sex with a dolphin at ‘Floridaland’, an aquatic theme park in Sarasota.

It’s always fun when you find your hometown in the news…know what I mean? Not too long ago Sarasota made headlines for ‘testicle eating fish‘, and now it’s making another splash after the documentary ‘Dolphin Lover’ was released by Coffee and Celluloid Productions. The critically acclaimed documentary was released at the 2015 Slam Dance Film Festival and catalogues the tale of Malcolm Brenner seducing a dolphin and then banging it, because FLORIDA.

From CCP’s Site:

Set in 1971 on the Southwest coast of Florida, Dolphin Lover tells the incredible true story of Malcolm Brenner, a college student who lands his first professional gig as a freelancer photographing the marine animals at Floridaland, a tourist trap disguised as a roadside amusement park. The experience would launch Malcolm’s career as a photographer and introduce him to his one true love while changing his life forever. Dolphin Lover tells the incredibly true story of Malcolm Brenner’s year-long romantic and sexual love affair with Dolly, a captive bottlenose dolphin.

The website Sunday World broke down more of this documentary, and I have to tell you now: it’s only gets significantly weirder from here:

In the documentary Brenner details a sexual experience he had with the animal.

“I started rubbing her along her back, working my way to her flukes – her tail” he said.

“And as I was rubbing her and moving my hand towards her tail, Dolly was slowly rolling around her long axis.”
The details then become a tad X-rated as an animated graphic is incorporated to show how Brenner and Dolly made love.

‘There’s something quite transcendental about making love with a dolphin” Brenner said in an interview about his novel “Wet Goddes”.

“The dolphin is very aware, the dolphin is an intelligent and creative creature and making love is a consummate act.” he told The Mirror.

The relationship began in 1971 in the now closed Floridaland theme park in Sarasota while Brenner was working as a photographer.

“I was given free access to the dolphins and I became friends with her by going swimming with her. She was very special”.
“She announced her intentions to me by positioning herself so I was rubbing against her.

“At first I discouraged her, I wasn’t interested. After some time I thought ‘if this was a woman would I come up with these rationalisations and excuses’?

“It was when the park was closing that we successfully eluded the male dolphin so we could spend some time alone.

“I called it a relationship because that’s what it was. When she died it made me feel terrible and I fell into a depression which lasted five years.”

Dolly was moved away when the park closed nine months after she and Malcolm had first met.

He believes her death a short time later was a case of suicide and that she voluntarily stopped breathing.

I know we’re all a little out of it today. Personally I got after it waayyyyy too hard during the Super Bowl last night, and everything I’m reading this morning seems to be a little off. But HOLY SHIT you guys, is this not the weirdest damn story you’ve ever read?

This story has actually been around for a few years, but the documentary just hit screens in 2015 so we’ll be seeing a massive wave of press with this. And maybe I’m just a little too close-minded, but I’m not ready to accept a world where dolphin fuckers are completely cool, and not taboo. This is just not right. Even if they’re not as smart as humans, dolphins are certainly one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, and they do not need their blow holes diddled by some dude from Sarasota. Furthermore, my hometown does NOT need this press, it’s already weird enough.

Additional clip of him talking about the actual dolphin seduction:

For more on that you can head on over to SundayWorld by clicking HERE, you can check out the book covering the whole saga here, or check out the documentary’s site by clicking HERE….Or you can just burn your computer and forget that you ever read any of this…


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