Snot Leaks From Reporter’s Nose Like A Broken Faucet On Live TV While Covering Presidential Race

It’s not only the Republican and Democratic candidates running, this reporter’s nose is also running. MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson is generally an attractive woman, but on Friday she had a rather embarrassing performance on live TV. While reporting on the presidential race from Nashville, Tennessee, a stream of viscous mucus pours out of her nose. But Hallie is a professional and keeps on reporting about Chris Christie endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Does poor Hallie think that it is rain dripping down her face? Because it’s snot. Maybe she doesn’t even know that there is a stream of liquid boogers dangling like a windchime from her nose. If she is aware that there is a string of snot hanging from her nose, why doesn’t she just wipe it off with her sleeve like a civilized human being? Getting a little liquidy mucus on your Land’s End jacket is much better than having a string of snot on your face shown to the entire world.