Social Media affecting your Love life

by 5 years ago

​Anyone that uses social media today, can say they’ve at least once in their digital-world experience have either contacted or received a message/mention by someone having an interest in you. Receiving messages on social media is a mystery in its affects on our ego’s and how they swell up from just a simple “Hi,” or “Heyyy.” At that very moment your either doing one of two things: 1. You’re immediately looking at their profile to see if they’re attractive or 2. You’re doing the bonehead thing by blindly messaging them back. Assuming you took the first approach you’ve assumed that this person wants to sleep with you or at least thinks you’re attractive enough to make a bold attempt at reaching out to. Kudos, man. This is now the new norm in dating, not just for young people, but adults too. Lets clear one thing up though, joining an online dating website is fucking creepy and shows desperation so grow up and just stick to Facebook, because you look less creepy when everyone in the world is already a member of the number one dating website aka Zucks pride and joy, Facebook. 

Surprisingly enough, any social media can be used as a way to pick up a member of the opposite sex. This can be a good or bad thing because you really don’t know what you’re getting yourself into when talking to someone via the internet since you have nothing to go on, besides the information that person has provided about themselves. I firmly believe that each person using any social should be verified as being real by that website. Yeah it could take some time, but shit, you’re already at the computer wasting time; why not do a little digging since you already have the best resource at your fingertips? People like Kim K. shouldn’t be the only one’s verified, unless it’s for verified whore. This would easily prevent shit like “Catfishing,” which will make Webster’s Dictionary, mark my words; pun intended. People need to now what they’re getting themselves into because not everyone is smart enough to know a fake when they see one. Honestly, Catfish has to be the best idea ever for a television show, because it exposes idiots for what they really are; Idiots! I just can’t fathom that someone would actually think someone with celebrity-like good looks would actually resort to online dating to get whatever it is they’re looking for. I mean, I’m not expecting Kate Upton to show up in my inbox anytime soon. So before you decide to go all-in for someone on the internet, do a little research on them so you’re not wasting time talking to a Googled picture when you could be mackin’ on something right in front of you.