US Soldiers Talk A Little Smack After Blowing A Vehicle Carrying Members Of ISIS Sky High

A few weeks ago I was sitting on a Greyhound on a return trip from upstate New York. I was pretty hungover and a little upset because I was supposed to get a ride home from my friend but his car had died and then he had to stay behind and go to the shop with it. So I was sitting on this bus, just generally pissed off and, since I hadn’t showered in nearly 18 hours, pretty much just existing in my own filth when I hear two people in the row behind me discussing how they feel that the US is being too tough on ISIS. Now, at that moment, I had my headphones in, so I took them out to ensure that I heard correctly that these two women were talking about the ISIS and not some other organization called ISIS that I was unaware of. But, as the conversation continued, I found that I was not mistaken, these were talking about the very same ISIS who fucking decapitate prisoners and have claimed responsibilities for almost every act of terrorism on the face of the planet in the past three years. Yeah, these women thought those guys deserved better.

Well, personally, I don’t agree with those two women. These dudes walk into a room with the sole intention of killing as many people as possible. So I’m not opposed to extreme measures when stopping them. Which is why this video of American troops bombing an ISIS vehicle is everything I need out of my Wednesday.

Via TFM:

“With ISIS in retreat from Qayyarah, Iraq, the United States couldn’t help but use their air superiority to blow a few of them to pieces. The Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve posted the following film of troops blowing an ISIS truck to smithereens with the words “When Daesh can’t quite get up to 88 mph.” It also has a caption that gives ISIS a good ribbing.”

Listen, I don’t like war. I don’t like violence. I wish we could all just get along. But these guys started it. I didn’t start sticking bombs in train stations and decapitating prisoners. You reap what you sow. And when you start tossing bombs into crowds of innocent people, you’re going to get your ass blown off while going on an L ride with your terrorist friends.