I’m Sorry I Called This Kid Fat

Name: Katrina Rodriguez

Subject: Fat kid at seahawks vs. 49'ers game

Message: You guys owe this kid an apology. Not only is the title of your story rude it misses the point. Its funny because of the sign the man is holding. It has nothing to due with a fat kid. and it really reflects on what asses adults can be. You wouldnt want your kid to be bullied like this …dont do it to others. He is a great kid that truly deserves to be apologized to…..just sayin

After some retrospection, I realize that it probably was a little unfair to call this kid fat. He's at worst “big boned.” I'm the worst.

And after some much needed humor analysis from Ms. Rodriguez, it's only fair that I explicitly point out that it WAS the sign that was funny. The kid — great as he might be — isn't funny. Not at all. He's just … there ….another unfunny, BMI-appropriate kid out there with access to great seats at an NFL game. 

So, here's your apology, nameless youth:

I am sorry I said you were fat. As a former fat kid myself, I realize how much that must have hurt had you possibly read that blog post. You're probably a little too young for some of the material around here, but, hey, that's for another time and place.