Spain Has It Right, Wants to Arrest Man For Taking Selfie

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Authorities in Pamplona, Spain are on the lookout for a man wanted for committing a heinous crime.

He took a selfie. More specifically, he took a selfie during the 2014 Running of the Bulls. Is that a crime? Thanks to some smart Spanish legislation, YES!

As the young man slowed to take a photo in one of the final stretches of the fifth bull run of the San Fermín festival on Friday, he was captured on camera by several Spanish media. He now faces a fine of up to €3,000 under regulations passed this year by the city of Pamplona. The regulations, designed to crack down on dangerous behaviour during the festival, prohibit the unauthorised use of any kind of recording device during the bull runs.

The man is also getting shamed on social media for his actions (the realest of punishments).

As pictures of the man circulated on social networks under the hashtag #eltontolmóvil, meaning the idiot with the mobile, many criticised his lack of respect for the other participants in the run. El Mundo’s José Luis Vadillo wrote that the photo was “one of the best examples of human stupidity I’ve ever seen”, pointing out that he had put other runners in tremendous danger.

Fuck yes. BAN SELFIES.

[Image via @Guardian]

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