Quiz Experts Claim Only Real Geniuses Can Spot The Subtle Differences Between These Altered Images

by 1 year ago

I’ve spent more money on ‘Photo Hunt’ at bars across American than I’d ever like to admit. It’s a fun game where pictures, often of scantily clad chicks with tig ol’ bitties, are slightly altered and the two images are placed side-by-side to see if you can spot the alterations.

Piggybacking off this video game that’s been successful for decades, the quiz masters over at PlayBuzz put together a version of this game. What they came up with is so difficult they claim that only legitimate geniuses are able to spot the differences between the images. I’ve pulled some of the images below to test your skills.

The first set of 5 images are the side-by-side pictures with the photograph on the right being the altered image. If you then scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see the photograph with the differences circled and highlighted, so you can cross-reference to see if you were able to spot the changes (via PlayBuzz):

Can you spot all the differences? If you scroll to the bottom of this article I’ve included the same images with the differences/changes circled in yellow.

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