Giant Squid Tries To Crawl Onto Man’s Paddleboard In Scene Out Of Your Nightmares

James Taylor (not the singer) and his wife were paddleboarding in Merkbosstrand, South Africa when they were treated to a crazy encounter. Depending on how you feel about enormous squids, this is either pure nightmare fuel or one of the coolest encounters ever filmed. The injured squid swam up to James Taylor’s board and began to crawl onto it, latching on with its tentacles.

You can see all of the footage on James’ Instagram (or YouTube), where he posted this wild encounter that has since racked up an enormous amount of views:

Here’s the YouTube, if you’d prefer that over Instagram:

Upon realizing that the squid was injured, James first tried to lower a rope to the squid so that it could latch on. Instead, the squid crawled onto his board to hitch a ride back to the beach. Naturally, this brought out a ton of crazies on Instagram angry that this person brought the squid towards land when in reality James was just trying to get the giant squid to shallower water where it could likely recover in peace without sharks swimming around trying to eat it.

There aren’t many things in the ocean that freak me out but large squid is on that short list. I don’t have a problem with sharks because I’ve long accepted that they are minding their own business and not out to eat me. It’s the creatures I can’t see that terrify me the most, the tiny parasites that crawl through a cut on your foot and cause necrosis (your skin to die).

Getting back to squid…they just don’t sit right with me. I grew up in SW Florida where we don’t really have a whole lot of squid swimming around, and definitely not any extra large squid. So my only experience with squid have been via YoUTube and nature documentaries, and they seem to be curious creatures that border on the edge of violence at times…Seriously, go search ‘squid attack‘ on YouTube (or click that link) and see what’s happening out there in the world.

(h/t DailyMail)

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