Bro In Colorado Keeps Hitting The Same Bar Again And Again With Stink Bombs, 13 Times In Three Years

Talk about dedication to a cause. I could maybe see being a Bro who is really into setting off stink bombs in bars and terrorizing an entire town or something, but that’s not this dude’s style. No, this man is much more ruthless.

He’s been targeting just one bar, Tucker’s Tavern, in Copper Mountain, Colorado, for three years now. And he’s patient, discrete, and he probably smells like shit.

Because stink bombs really do fucking stink (even I wouldn’t set one off, that’s how much of a dick move I think it is). From CBS in Colorado:

A stink bomber has targeted a tavern in Copper Mountain more than dozen times in the past three years and no one knows why.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office just after 9 p.m. on Sept. 17, an older white male was captured on surveillance video “throwing a plastic bottle filled with an unknown putrid smelling liquid onto the patio” at Tucker’s Tavern.

“This is the 13th reported incident over the past three years where a similar looking male has thrown ‘stink bombs’ onto the patio of this establishment,” according to tavern owner Jan Skultety.

Skultety says he has no idea why he’s being targeted, but that it is costing him a small fortune in carpet cleaning fees.

Hardwood floors, Bro. Also, I can’t wait until I get old as hell and just do shit like this because I’m retired and bored.

Here’s an image of the bomber. He looks like the kind of perverted dude who would get off on such a thing.

Smelly little shit.