Stolen Valor: Bar Fight Nearly Erupts When Army Impostor Is Confronted

Despite concerned citizens and the media continually outing despicable individuals who fraudulently wear military garb for personal benefits, there are still odious asswipes stealing valor.

This latest fuckface deceitfully dressed in an Army uniform went to a bar in Sunrise, Florida. Eric Coins, a bystander at the bar, recorded a YouTube video of the fraud after he witnessed him using his stolen valor to get free drinks and pick up chicks.

Coins seriously doubted that the man was a real soldier because his uniform appeared to be phony and was without a name tag. So he confronted the man and it appears that his suspicions were justified.

When Coins asks the man where he did his basic and boot camp training, he responded, “Miami.” Coins claims that basic training is conducted in Fort Benning, Georgia, not Miami.

Coins asks the “infantryman” where his name badge is and the guy responds, “Took it out. I don’t want nobody to know my name.” Instead of impersonating soldiers, this guy could totally make a living doing Tony Montana voice impressions. It’s spot-fucking-on without even trying.

A girl tries to defuse the situation and chimes in, “Oh my god, why don’t you go suck his dick in the bathroom and get it over with.”

“Do you realize what you are doing is a federal offense?” Coins asks. “Where is your Geneva Conventions Identification Card?”

“Don’t fucking try me,” the man in the questionable uniform responds. “What’s wrong with this motherfucker?”

Things escalate quickly and both men angrily shout at each other.

“There are people who fucking died in that uniform,” yells Coins.

The “Army member” shouts, “I’m in the fucking army motherfucker!”

The bar staff has to intervene and separate the two furious parties, which can be seen in the second video.

Besides this imposter douche getting called out, my second favorite aspect of this video is during this entire heated exchange the 1987 dance hit “I Heard a Rumour” by British pop group Bananarama is playing in the background. I’d probably be ready to throw down too if I was at a bar that played such shitty music.