GTA IRL: Street Fight Interrupted By Drivers Bulldozing Dudes In The Street

I’m not saying the drivers of those cars play too many video games, but I am saying that they probably spend way too much time playing Grand Theft Auto. When you see two dudes in the street about to come to fisticuffs and your first response is try and run one of them over with your white Explorer, you need to unplug and remember that GTA is just a game.


I didn’t even hear a horn! If you’re going to try and run some dudes over to either break up a fight or commit an act of murder, the least you could do is lay on that horn to give fair warning, right? Both cars were trying to hit people and NOT A SINGLE HORN. Whatever happened to common decency?

There’s one thing that could’ve stopped this massacre from ever going down in the first place: if they watched this video we posted yesterday titled ‘How to win a street fight in the hood

Shout out to Robert Little @BSO for finding and sharing this video!