College Student Gets Out Of DUI By Proving He’s An Amazing Juggler, Cops Left Stunned

A Junior at the University of Central Arkansas left police stunned when he was stopped for a DUI sobriety field test and ended up putting on a spectacular juggling show for the officers. The footage was all captured by the police body cams, but as you can see in the video the cops were so taken aback that they busted out Blayk’s iPhone and began filming. The juggling in the footage above kicks in around the 2:55 mark of the video, which I’ve set the YouTube clip to start at. If for whatever reason the video doesn’t begin around then you can jump ahead if you want, or you’re free to watch the full clip.

Police pulled Blayk Puckett over late Friday night because he was driving slow and had a broken tail light. Blayk later said he was certain that he was going to be pulled over the instant he realized his tail light was out. The officers stated that ‘driving slow’ around college campuses late at night is often a telltale sign of drunk driving, so they swooped in and pulled the student over.

Upon pulling over Blayk Puckett they acknowledged his license plate that said ‘JUGGLER’. This is when they realized that 1) Blayk Puckett wasn’t drunk and 2) they were about to be treated to a great show. It turns out that Blayk’s also a magician and treated the cops to some magic. Then this happened:

(Shout out to TODAY for sharing this clip on TV this morning)

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