Researchers Conclude That Beer Kills Pain Better Than Leading Pain Killer On The Market

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As far as I am concerned, Beer fixes everything. Thirsty? Crack open a cold one. Tired but can’t fall asleep? Throw back a beer and you’ll slip off into the night. Got some lingering pain after a long week? Beer’s got you covered. These are, of course, personal beliefs of mine and I don’t have scientific evidence to back them all up, but a new study does back up one of those statements.

Researchers at the UK’s Greenwich University have found that beer is a better pain killer than one of the leading painkillers on the market. The study concluded that beer is an effective pain killer, and this is great news for beer lovers worldwide.

via TucsonNewsNow:

Researchers at Greenwich University in the U.K. say they discovered strong evidence that alcohol is an effective painkiller. They also concluded the more beer people drank, the less pain they felt.
“It can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol (generic Tylenol),” said Trevor Thompson an author of the study published in The Journal of Pain.
The study compared 18 different controlled experiments that involved 404 people. They found that a blood alcohol content of .08, about three or four regular drinks, can reduce pain by up to 25 percent. It also increased pain tolerance a little.

Obviously, drinking beer every day over a long-term period is not good for your health. Beer in massive quantities can have numerous harmful effects on your body. But, this study did conclude that beer is a better pain killer than generic Tylenol, and can be classified in the same category as various opiates in terms of potency.

This is fantastic news for anyone wary of opioids (and opioid addiction), one of the biggest problems in the field of medicine right now.

You can read the study in full HERE on The Journal of Pain.

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