Men Are Four Times More Likely Than Women To Want Sex On The First Date


Men are horny devils. We really want to have quality companionship and interesting conversation. But then there’s the dick sending us a totally different message. That goddamn testosterone fuels our sexual drive and ignites our libido. So on first dates (second dates) (all dates) men desire sex with their lovely ladyfriend. You probably already knew that men want sex on the first date a shit-ton more than women, but here are the figures on exactly how much more guys want to have sex.

A poll of 39,000 British people done by YouGov Omnibus were asked how likely they would want sex on a first date. Not shocking, men want to bang on date numero uno four times more than women. Honestly, I thought it would be a lot higher, like 13x’s more. The study found that 28 percent of men would sleep with someone the first time they meet. But only 7 percent of ladies want to bone on the first date.

Men aged 35 to 44 wanted to bang most on the first date at 35% of them not waiting around. Next were men aged 25 to 34, at 31%.

Another interesting revelation is that 1-in-8 adults follow the “three date rule” before rubbing naughty bits.

There were 15% of romantics in the study who said, “I’d wait until I was in love with them.”

Then there were 5% who were traditional and saved themselves and genitals for marriage.

Another study found that millennials don’t even wait for the first date. A study of 5,000 millenials found that they are 48% more likely to have sex before a first date than all other generations of singles.

So what’s your dating style?