What?! New Study Finds That Having TOO MUCH SEX Can Make You Unhappy

too much unhappy


File this new study about sex under “Things I Absolutely Refuse To Believe.” But, hey, I’ll play along and see what they have to say. Maybe they’re… right?

According to a report filed by Metro

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University instructed 32 married couples to double the amount of sex they were having, while a control group of 32 other couples kept having sex at their normal frequencies.

When questioned afterwards, the couples who had sex more weren’t happier – saying that the increase in frequency led to them feeling less desire for each other.

The couples also enjoyed having sex less when they were ‘doing it’ more.

They must not have found couples for the study who were as SEX-AY as me and the rest of the BroBible brethren (that includes you readers), because we’d be looooving all the extra action.

Tamar Krishnamurti of Carnegie Mellon University, who sounds like a very official and important person, said that instead of having MORE sex people should work on “creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun.”

Eh, that sounds like a whole lot of extra work to me. No wonder I’m currently single.

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