This Woman’s Sugar Daddy Story Is The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Read

by 2 years ago


I’m going to just go out on a limb here and guess that you *probably* don’t read a lot of stories from Nigerian dating sites like Make Or Break. Just a guess! You probably hang out in other corners of the Internet that involve sports and porn and memes about Harmabe. Bless his beautiful soul.

Which brings us to this little tale that Elite Daily spotted. It’s the weirdest sugar daddy story you’ll ever read. Warning, the de

I met this guy on your dating site few months back and he has spoilt me silly with money and affection,our love got so deep he took me to his family last 2weeks and promised to marry me. Last week he bought me a car and the latest I phone 7,then he proposed . I swear to God I never believed such men existed not to talk of finding them on social media . But I have been worried ,I think he is into something dicy. Before we have sex he cleans my pussy up with spirit and cotton wool and I never see the cotton wool in the dust bin. After sex he does same . I could not ask questions because of the gifts I got and did not want him to get upset and stop . But after the phone car and engagement ring ,I have not urinated for 4 days now. I have been running check ups and test but every thing seem positive . I had to confront him and he said I have nothing to worry about. Please I need help . How do I confront this guy without him collecting his gifts back from me . The car is so cute . Please serious advise needed. I hope he does not read this . But his out of network for now . Please advise me bom Very urgent .

Dude, WTF? People are weird and what two consenting adults do in their private life should stay in their private life. That said…. what in the actually hell is going on here?

Just give him the iPhone back.

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