With This Gasoline-Scented Cologne You’ll Be Fighting Off Swarms Of Thirsty Trim Drunk On Your Musk

Every bro loves the smell of gasoline, as does ever brodette. Really, anyone who has ever come in contact with a gas pump has become enamored with that sweet ambrosia. I don’t know why it took humanity such a long time to realize that gasoline is the cologne of the gods, that it has the same effect as blood to a vampire when misted onto the sky, but finally someone has figured it out. Sunoco is releasing a limited-edition fragrance named ‘Burnt Rubbér’ (no, seriously, that’s the name), which leads me to believe it’s equal parts gasoline and burnt rubber smells, which makes it even that much more amazing.

Bustle’s May Sofi reports:

As the official fuel of NASCAR, IndyCar and the National Hot Rod Association, Sunoco wants you to experience the essence of racing with a complete set of heightened senses — and smelling like a racetrack is apparently part of the experience. If you’re a bit apprehensive to try it — don’t worry, the notes of burning rubber are supposedly rather subtle, so no one will confuse you for a walking diesel pump or anything.

Otherwise, the unisex eau de toilette has a nice sweet aroma sprinkled with delicate hints of spice. Sounds kind of awesome, doesn’t it? And it’s actually kind of pretty too. Unfortunately production is limited, so the only way to snag one of these bad boys is by winning it on Sunoco’s Facebook page.

So how do you win this elixir of the Gods? The rules are vague, but here’s what is stated on the Sunoco Facebook page:

Be creative, show us why your dad should receive the ultimate Father’s Day gift, a bottle of Burnt Rubbér, the Essence of Racing by Sunoco!

What kills me about this is that I’m obviously being duped by some gigantic brand’s sponsored content / ad campaign, but it’s just so good I can’t help but get involved. I want that gasoline/burnt rubber cologne. It’s badass and I’ve convinced myself that I need it in my life, and now I won’t take no for an answer.

For more on how to win you can follow this bit.ly link to the Sunoco Burnt Rubber splash page and edge yourself one step closer to drowning in trim!