According To A New Survey, Almost Every Millennial Has Sent A Nude Pic Of Themselves

According to a new study by the website Fusion, 66 percent of millennials claim to have never sent a sext. Does that not seem like bullshit to you? It is.

[Maybe, I’m not sure. There’s some conflicting data here.]

Now, I’m well aware I’m a little more … enthusiastic when it comes to sexting than the average person (full disclosure: hopelessly addicted to it), but I gotta believe that these folks are lying.

I mean, the very next question asks if you’ve ever sent a nude pic and 83 percent of millennials say they have.


So like… yea. What are these kids thinking? Oh, that wasn’t a sext. That was just a SnapChat of me nude. Totally different. 

lol millenials r dum.

[The text of the article though, says 26 percent have, which doesn’t match any of the numbers. So I don’t know.]

I think any percentage seems low. I’ve gotta guess it’s closer to 100. Sexting’s as natural as fucking and everyone does it. The rest of you are liars. Be comfortable with your sexting.

This Fusion survey, though, found some other interesting facts. Almost 85% of millennials consider online flirting a form of cheating. That I agree with, but whatever. We are all guilty of it. Pretty much any tweet sent to anyone is a form of flirting.

More disappointing is that only eight percent of millennials have made a sex tape. That sucks. I was really hoping eventually everyone would have a sex tape leak and then I could watch tape of everyone having sex.

But it’s the next logical step after sending a nude pic of yourself. I say go for it. We are all porn stars in 2015. Embrace it.

[H/T Daily Dot]