New Survey Reveals What Women Really Think Of Their Breasts

by 4 years ago
boob survey


If you’re like, well, EVERY MAN, you have no idea what is truly going on in the minds of women most of the time. So anytime there’s a survey where we get to learn more about the inner workings of the mind of women we need to pay attention.

And since the Mirror just did a survey on women and what they think of their boobs, what better time than now to get a little educated?

According to the VERY wide-ranging survey, many women don’t seem to be all that happy with what they’re packing. Almost 30% of the respondents said that they hate their breasts. Wow, hate is a very strong word. This probably explains why over half of them said that they use padded or push-up bras to try to give themselves a little help.

On the plus side, 93% of those who responded said that their partners love their boobs more than they do. A fact I can 100% believe.

And only 10% said that the loved their breasts. Bummer.

44% said that they have considered surgery to make their boobs bigger and perkier, but money was the top obstacle in making that happen.

So what do women call their breasts the most? “Boobs.” How creative, ladies… Boobies, tits, and breasts where the next most common terms, with the girls, the twins, my friends, puppies, melons, knockers, baps and jugs also making appearances.

Less common, but still made the survey? Breasticles, chesticles, babylons, bazookas, guzingas, bangers, noobies and, uh, Michael Booblés.

For more from this fascinating survey including their biggest breast complaints, which celebrities have the best and worst boobs (Kim Kardashian made one of these lists – guess which one), and the best compliment they’ve ever received about their breasts, click here.


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