Survey Reveals Where Girls Fantasize About Having Sex Most And #1 Is Somewhere I’ve Never Even Considered



With sex, like most things in life, it can be very easy to slip in a monotonous routine. I’ve found myself slip into the ‘ask politely for sex, pump a few times in missionary before arms get tired, lay on her like a worthless thrusting jelly fish, finish before she can even think about banging her boss’ routine far too often.

A fail-proof way of adding a little hot sauce to the dry grilled chicken that is your sex life is to live out a fantasy of yours or hers. Fantasies don’t have to just be fantasies, we all have them and all is takes is a little aversion to risk and maybe six or nine shots of liquor.

The folks over at Sleep Cupid surveyed 3,000 adult women to decipher where they most fantasize about having sex. See the results below but don’t let stigmas stop you from bring the subject up with your significant other.

Stairs took the number one spot that women fantasize about having sex–besting the beach and earning their Mile High Club wings.

The women were also surveyed about whether or not they’ve fantasized about banging a co-worker and I think I may force my girlfriend to work from home from now on.

How about the percentage of women who would surpass the peasants and go straight to the top.

Live look at Lumbergh right now:


And the reasons why women don’t follow through with these fantasies:

I should probably stop texting dick pics during lunch time…

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