Murder Suspect In Vegas Pretty Much Proves He’s Guilty By Slipping His Cuffs And Escaping Through The Ceiling

Nothing says “I’m guilty” like escaping the police station. Why? Because if you were actually innocent, you wouldn’t be literally climbing up the walls as a way to escape. “No no, I swear I’m innocent, I’m just going to eat my way out through the ceiling becuase, you know, innocence.” Also, where the hell did this dude go? Did he just jump into the air ducts and climb out? Do buildings even have air ducts anymore or did those go out the window after all the 80’s action heroes used to sneak in and out of the super villain’s secret lair that way? Look, I want them to catch this guy and make him answer for his sins. But also, if he’s going to keep escaping, maybe we just let him go and hope he stops committing crimes. Otherwise we’ll be pouring all kinds of tax dollars into finding this dude. I like my money in my pocket. Plus, he’s in Vegas. Murder isn’t as bad over there. Crime’s really just a formality so other parts of the country don’t get mad at them.