Talking, Thinking Sex Dolls Are Coming, Bros… Is That A Good Thing?

talking sex dolls realdolls

New York Times

In 2014 we said that we were 11 years away from having sex with robots. However, that number looks like it could be shortened by a lot if RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen has his way.

For those unfamiliar, RealDolls are poseable sex dolls with silicone bodies, so they are about as lifelike as a sex doll can be without, you know actually communicating with you.

But now, McMullen is working with Hanson Robotics and Oculus Rift to create interchangeable heads that may be able to move and, gulp, communicate with you.

He says that the new heads (for those who already own a doll) could be available within two years at a cost of around $10,000 and complete dolls, called Realbotix, will cost between $30,000 and $60,000 and be developed following the release of the heads.

“I want people to actually develop an emotional attachment to not only the doll, but to the actual character behind it. To develop some kind of love for this being,” McMullen tells the New York Times.

So are you ready for sex with a talking doll? One in five of you have already said you were ready for sex with a robot.

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