Soooo… There Might Be a Tape of JFK and RFK Running Train on Marilyn Monroe


I’ve never participated in a male-male-female threesome, but if the opportunity were to arise organically (say, with a woman who wanted me to incorporate another man into our love life), I—in all likelihood—would not ask my brother to participate. Nothing against him, he’s a great dude (Sup, Kev?), I just think I’d prefer sharing a woman with someone who is not in my immediate family.

But I am not a Kennedy. I have never hobnobbed with celebrities while summering in Massachusetts. I probably don’t say “Chap” and “Old sport” enough in my regular conversations to merit inclusion into their exclusive clan. Which is a shame, because, if this story is to be believed, one such pastime of said family is being president and having your brother, the attorney general, come to your office to have group sex with the world’s biggest celebrity. And film it.

At least, that’s the story from RadarOnline:

A long-buried sex tape of Marilyn Monroe supposedly engaging in intercourse with ex-President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy could soon be released, a former Hollywood bodyguard has sensationally claimed.

The tape is the property of William Castleberry, and is about to be auctioned off by the Tulare County Sheriff in California, after his assets seized when he couldn’t pay a $200,000 settlement against him.

It’s real, says Castleberry, who claims not to have released the tape out of respect for Joe DiMaggio. He’s trying to raise money to buy it back before it goes to auction, which is why he brought this to the public’s attention.

So… please don’t donate to his cause? I’d like to see this. As would you.

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